Exceptional Children

  • Our Mission
    Programs for Exceptional Children promote success for students with disabilities, their families, staff and community to achieve positive post-secondary outcomes. 

    Our Vision
    Programs for Exceptional Children positively impact academic and social outcomes for students with disabilities so they can be productive citizens.

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  • What We Do

    • Provide the entire continuum of services to students with disabilities based on individual needs.
    • Demonstrate commitment and dedication to ensure access to the general curriculum.
    • Provide information regarding curriculum options for students with disabilities
    • Implement various grants in cooperation with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte that address the Extensions of the Common Core Standards.
    • Provide information about the implementation of inclusive practices as a service delivery model.
    • Develop individualized student plans as determined by data collection.
    • Apply research-based interventions and methodology.
    • Encourage parent participation in the team process of individual program development and involvement in school-related activities.