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    Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools bullying prevention efforts encompass a range of strategies and initiatives aimed at creating safe and supportive environments within schools and communities. These efforts involve a combination of educational programs, policies, awareness campaigns, and community involvement.

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    Empowering students and parents to report bullying is a critical step in creating a safe and inclusive environment. If you have any concerns or witness bullying, we encourage you to report it promptly. You can use the following links to submit your concerns:

    Together, we can work towards fostering a community where bullying is not acceptable. Thank you for your commitment to maintaining a safe and supportive school environment.
    Is it Bullying?
    Refer to the following charts to assist in determining whether the concern aligns with bullying behaviors.

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    PLEASE do NOT use email to report concerns of bullying. 

    To ensure effective communication and a timely response, please refrain from using this email to report instances of bullying, as it is NOT monitored on a daily basis. Email to preventbullying@cms.k12.nc.us

    Contact us if you have any questions.


  • World Anti-Bullying Forum 2023

    The School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill hosted the 2023 World Anti-Bullying Forum on October 25-27, 2023. The event was led by Dorothy Espelage, the William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Education at the UNC School of Education and a leading expert on bullying and youth well-being.

    The World Anti-Bullying Forum is a meeting place for researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the work against bullying. To end violence against and between children.

    The aims of the World Anti-Bullying Forum are:

    • To address and prevent bullying and other forms of violence among children in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Agenda 2030.
    • To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners on preventing bullying among children.
    • To gather, coordinate, and make research-based knowledge on preventing bullying among children easily accessible globally and digitally.

    It was truly an honor to attend the World Anti-Bullying Forum and represent CMS. This experience underscored CMS's unwavering commitment, significant contributions, and impactful work in the field of bullying prevention and education. The acknowledgment received reflects CMS's dedication to fostering safe and inclusive educational environments. It also highlights our potential to inspire positive change on a larger scale. This achievement is a testament to the collective efforts of everyone in our ֶƵcommunity. Thank you for being part of our commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive future.


    John Concelman

    John Concelman

    Manager – Bullying Prevention and LGTBQ+ Supports

    Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

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