Substitute Teachers

  • Please submit your application online via the Careers tab. All substitute positions are found under the Non-Instructional/Support Services section. Only completed applications will be considered for review. Certified Substitute applications require college transcripts and teacher license to be attached.

    In addition, you will be required to pass a background check, drug test and submit two supervisor-level references. We desire three or more years of full-time experience working with children in a supervisory role.

    Substitute teachers and Substitute Secretaries serve on an as-needed basis and are not eligible to earn leave, participate in the retirement system, or receive/purchase health benefits. Substitute teachers for ֶƵdo not qualify for unemployment benefits because they have a temporary status with CMS. Substitutes are not allowed to work in another capacity within CMS.

    CMS ACTIVE SUBSTITUTE TEACHER PROCESS - SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS NEED TO WORK AT LEAST ONE ASSIGNMENT A MONTH TO STAY ACTIVE IN THE SUB POOL. Non-participation as a substitute teacher in any calendar month during the school year will cause a break in service and removal from the active substitute list.

    There are pay levels for Substitute Teachers, Substitute Teacher Assistants and Substitute Secretaries positions; the following classification determines your pay status:

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Substitute Positions Pay Levels

  • Certified Substitute

  • Non-Certified Substitute

  • Substitute Teacher Assistant

  • Substitute Secretaries

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