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IndiStar and NCStar

  • NCStar is a web-based tool that guides a district or School Improvement Team in charting its improvement and managing the continuous improvement process. It is NOT a traditional school improvement plan. NCStar is powered by Indistar, the national platform (which is why the names NCStar and Indistar are often used interchangeably) that guides high-quality work by schools or district leadership teams with built-in flexibility to set direction, personalized to the needs of the team.

    Platform Navigation and School Improvement Plan Updates

    For a brief overview of navigating the NCStar platform, . Please note, schools will make updates to their plans throughout the year to highlight progress towards their goals.

What Are School Improvement Plans?

  • School improvement planning provides a mechanism for identifying needs and establishing a common approach to meeting those needs at the school level. Effective school improvement planning contributes to overall school performance by:

    • Establishing an understanding of the “big picture” of a school's current state, including student achievement, school environment, teacher community, parent community, and administrative issues
    • Reaching consensus across the school community on which needs represent the highest priorities for action based upon the potential to improve overall student and school performance
    • Identifying for implementation objectives and tasks, including specific targets, effective practices and milestones required to address the school priorities