Environmental Health & Stewardship

  • The Environmental Health and Stewardship Department provides guidance to schools and departments in maintaining a safe physical environment, adhering to safety, environmental regulations and maintaining required records.  The department promotes stewardship of our natural resources and continues its efforts to operate in a manner that protects and conserves our air, water, and land resources, improves the environment and promotes environmentally sound behavior, including a commitment to energy conservation and renewable energy strategies.  The Department also serves as District liaison with local, state, & federal agencies, including OSHA, DOT, Fire Department, Health Department, Risk Management, and Emergency Management.  This department oversees the following programs:

    • General Liability Claims - Injury & Property Damage
    • Crossing Guards
    • Principals Monthly Fire Drill & Inspections
    • Fire Evacuation Plans
    • School Emergency Responder Training
    • Student Accident Reporting
    • Traffic & Carpool Safety
    • Off-Duty Traffic Officers
    • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens & Hazard Communication Training
    • OSHA Recordkeeping
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Tornado Safety Plans
    • Nuclear Emergency Evacuation Plans
    • Chemical Hygiene Plans
    • Hazardous Chemical Disposal
    • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Inventory

    This department serves as ֶƵliaison for the following agencies and programs:

    • Mecklenburg County Emergency Operations Center - EOC
    • Mecklenbug County All-Hazards Advisory Committee - AHAC
    • American Red Cross Emergency Shelter Operations
    • CDC's Cities Readiness Initiative - CRI
    • FEMA School Nuclear Response Plans
    • School Crossing Guard Program
    • Mecklenburg County Fire & Life Safety Bowl
    • North Carolina Statewide Tornado Drill
    • Building Services Annual Safety Conference

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