AIG Plan

  • The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) 2025 AIG Plan provides a comprehensive plan of action to meet the advanced learning needs of gifted and advanced students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. The plan outlines goals, supports, and programs designed to nurture, identify, and effectively serve gifted and advanced students in an effort to maximize student potential. Through implementation of the ֶƵ2025 AIG Plan, we will create access to advanced courses and programs, increase integrity to gifted and advanced programs to ensure academic and social-emotional needs of students are met, and ensure clear communication with all stakeholders. The three-year plan responds to the 1996 NC General Assembly Article 9B which requires each LEA to develop a local AIG plan with specific components.

    The ֶƵ2025 AIG Plan is designed in support of the ֶƵStrategic Plan and district initiatives. Plan development occurred using data gathered from surveys, assessments, school and student performance indicators, collaborative planning groups, and the AIG Advisory Group. Relevant perspectives were gained from multiple stakeholders to ensure our district's diverse needs were considered and met.

    The overarching goals of the ֶƵ2025 AIG Plan are as follows:

    •  Expand access to advanced learning experiences, programs, and courses for underrepresented students in grades K-12.
    • Increase integrity in K-12 programming to consistently challenge and empower gifted and advanced learners.
    • Provide all stakeholders with clear communication to increase awareness around AIG identification, services, and models through professional learning, ongoing support, and advocacy.