• The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, as established under North Carolina law, is the governing body for the public school district of Mecklenburg County. Accordingly, the Board is responsible for control and supervision of the public schools located in Mecklenburg County and the enforcement of school law in Mecklenburg County. Although the law allows the Board to delegate some of its duties to others, ultimately the Board is solely responsible for the entire operation of the school district and for ensuring that its employees comply with all Board policies, Board decisions, and applicable laws.


    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education is a nine-member board. Three members are elected at-large and six are elected in districts. Members are elected to four-year terms. 


    Members of the Board shall attend Board meetings, discuss items presented on the agenda, suggest other items for consideration and vote upon motions presented. All official Board actions and decisions will take place only when the Board convenes formally.


    Board members have no authority over school affairs as individuals. Individual Board members or groups of Board members do not have independent authority to speak for the Board and cannot obligate the Board without the Board’s consent. The Board’s consent must be specifically set forth in Board policy or in the minutes of a public Board session. The Board is not responsible for or obligated by any promises, statements or agreements made by individual Board members.

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