Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • As part of the Office of Strategy Management, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office delivers cultural competency training to staff, offers support to district leadership on diversity-related issues, serves as a liaison with various ethnic and cultural groups, and keeps the district abreast of the latest research on diversity and cultural proficiency efforts.

    Focus Areas

    Our focus is centered on improving student outcomes. We believe in fostering and sustaining a learning-centered culture that understands, confronts and disrupts practices that create and reproduce disparities. As equity-centered leaders, we are committed to a world-class school system that supports educational excellence regardless of race, gender, national origin, different abilities, or religion.


    • Collaborate with various departments and school leaders to analyze data (i.e., graduation and discipline data; students of color enrollment/success in AIG, Honors, AP/IB classes; recruitment and retention of high-quality educators of color, etc.) and develop action plans to address disparities
    • Design and facilitate professional development for educators that focus on racial equity, implicit bias, and culturally responsive teaching
    • Increase/enhance partnerships with community organizations that can support the work of addressing educational inequities
    • Incorporate student voice to identify gaps and needed support to develop solutions for more equitable outcomes
    • Establish mechanisms for effective communication with stakeholders

    Community Partnerships

    • focuses on advancing equity, developing leaders, and connecting the community through bus tours, dialogues, conversations, and equity impact circles.
    • Community Equity Committee includes community leaders, faith-based organizations and civic groups to advise the school system on equity-related issues, concerns and initiatives.
    • operates within ֶƵto provide case management services, in-kind resources, cultural enrichment, college and career awareness, mentoring and more. 
    • Interfaith Advisory Council (IAC) is a diverse group of religious community leaders who serve in an advisory capacity to the Superintendent. Its members offer a support mechanism for the ongoing work of public education.
    • is a collaborative leadership group working within the community to reduce disproportionality and disparate outcomes for children and families of color through institutional organizing, education and workforce development.

    Cultural Awareness

    ֶƵstaff continuously looks for ways to enhance the district's ability to foster a welcoming and engaging environment for all people. Our goal is to promote and inspire students and staff to participate and leadership in a pluralistic society.

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