Educational Leadership

  • The ֶƵDepartment of Ed. Leadership creates, aligns, and facilitates professional learning for school leaders and central office leaders, in order to advance the capabilities of school and district leadership. ֶƵbelieves that comprehensive, aligned, and continuous professional development is essential to school improvement and student achievement. ֶƵprovides organizational professional learning and development services to promote a variety of professional growth opportunities to build the knowledge and skills of all staff, ensuring that they have a strong support system throughout their careers and have opportunities for leadership and growth. When all employees are an active part of the ֶƵlearning community, positive change results in organizational effectiveness and student success.

    Resources and additional information on professional learning opportunities can be accessed via each department's Intranet page, Canvas within the Professional Learning folder, or within MyTalent.  

    The role of school leader is second only to teaching at CMS, and the competencies, skills and beliefs of an "Equity-Centered Leader" are required Day 1 on the job and are critical to the long term success in the role. For that reason,  our Principal and Assistant Principal Talent Pool processes were redesigned in fall 2022 to ensure we effectively identify candidates who evidence the qualities of an "Equity-Centered Leader".

    A ֶƵEquity-Centered Leader fosters and sustains a learning-centered culture that understands, confronts, and interrupts practices that create and reproduce disparities to ensure student outcomes transcend demographics.